Drilling stainless steel

Drilling holes in stainless steel need not be a problem if you follow some simple steps.


Step 1      Drill bit

It may seem obvious but when looking to drill through metal you should be using a metal drill bit and not a masonary or wood drill bit. Within the metal drill bit group there are many to choose from. However some drill bits will be overkill for the job and will end up costing more than you need to spend. A cobalt drill bit should be more than capable of drilling through stainless steel.

Step 2     Drill speed.

It is important when drilling stainless steel to avoid too much build up of heat. Choosing the correct drill speed if important. If you are unsure of the speed to use it makes sense to drill slower rather than faster.


Step 3     Pressure

Useing too much pressure will cause excessive heat to build up. Therefore it is recommended that you allow the drill bit to do the work and only apply any extra pressure when required.


Step 4    Lubricate

You should always use a metal lubricant when drilling any metal. A lubricant will not only control heat build up by reducing friction between the metal on metal contact. It will also prolong the life of your drill bit. 


Step 5       Short Spurts

It makes sence to drill in short spurts rather than trying to drill through stainless steel in one go. By taking breaks you again prevent excessive heat build up and allow the drill bit to cool down.

Testimonials from some customers who have drilled though stainless steel

testimonial for TTP cobalt drill bits drilling through stainless steel sink
testimonial for TTP cobalt drill bits drilling through stainless steel cycle rack
testimonial for TTP HARD cobalt drill bits drilling through 6.8mm stainless steel