Distribution Opportunities

USA Feedback

TTP HARD drills are delighted to announce that they are currently looking for suitable tool distributors in the United States of America. With a well stocked distribution centre in Michigan they have been selling direct to US customers for the last 4 years through their US online store and Amazon. Owner Brendan Kennedy explains that their plan was to initially sell direct in America in order to judge first hand customer feedback and to gauge product approval directly. With year on year sales growth and 5 star ratings from locksmiths, DIY enthusiasts and mechanics they are confident that there is a place for their cobalt metal drill bits and metal cutting fluid in the fiercely competitive US marketplace.

Quality Without Compromise

Having almost 20 years experience supplying some of Europes largest customers in the civil engineering, road haulage and  construction industries Brendan is familiar with delivering products into demanding environments. Brendan explains that when their customers have to perform a repair it is often on a highly expensive piece of machinery which needs to be operational as soon a possible. For this reason every product they supply has to be of premium quality. He believes this ‘quality without compromise’ approach has served them well in America where customers want a premium product at a fair price.

Direct Selling Win The Day

Brendan tells us that in  England the majority of their sales are through mobile van sales. Although internet sales have been growing continually for the last 6 years in the UK they account for less than 40% of total drill bit sales. The majority of sales are through mobile van sales. Brendan believes this will not change and indeed is key to their success particularly in America. He realises that independent tool distributors, particularly mobile van sales operations have been and will continue to be a vital sales channel. The core values which are associated with these operations include consistency, reliability, honesty and trustworthiness. When your business entails you calling to your customers on a regular basis you have to possess these values and your product needs to be good also.

Tested And Certified    

TTP HARD drills commissioned international testing houses to test both their drill bits and metal cutting paste. SGS MIS Testing  used the ‘Vickers’ testing method to determine the exact hardness rating of the drill bits. A diamond was used to indent the drill bit in three locations in order to determine  its hardness rating. A Rockwell hardness of 66 was recorded. A video of the test and the resulting certificate can be viewed online.  

The extreme pressure properties of  CUT-IT metal cutting paste was tested by Subsea Fluid Services. During the 30 minute test up to 1300 lbs of pressure was imposed on metal turning against metal with only CUT-IT paste as a lubricant. The result was that the paste lubricated well. A video of the test and the certificate are available online.

Drilling information 

TTP HARD drills are  passionate about providing as much information to customers as possible. Their websites are continually being updated with top tips on drilling various metals. Speed charts, videos and top tips are available to ensure customers have all the information required to drill metal as easy as possible. Brendan is convinced that providing customers with all this information helps them make less mistakes when drilling. Ultimately this leads to a happier customer and one who will hopefully recommend their company to others. 

Interested Tool Distributors

Interested tool distributors should contact TTP HARD drills directly by email at opportunities@ttp-hard-drills.net