Drill bits for Hardened Steel

If you can drill metal then certainly you should not fear drilling hardened steel because the same techniques apply. Read below what customers say about their experiences drilling hardened metals and then watch the videos of TTP HARD drills in action.

testimonial for TTP HARD cobalt drill bits
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Drilling through hardened steel : videos

Watch videos of hardened metal being drilled with TTP HARD cobalt drill bits. You will see how easily Hardox 450 can be drilled using the correct speed, pressure and pleanty of libricant paste. Likewise a 12.9 cap head bolt is easily drilled when the drill bit is allowed to do the work and rest periods prevent the drill bit from overheating. Finally you will see a BMW flywheel and even JCB tow plate steel being drilled without any effort using correct speed, pressure and lubrication.

testimonial for TTP HARD cobalt drill bits drilling through hardened seat bolt

A) Best drill bits for hardened steel : customer reviews 

B) How to drill hardened steel

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Some TTP Hard drill bits for metal customers

A) Best drill bits for hardened steel : customer reviews 

We have selected some customer reviews to give you an idea of some of the hardened metals and steels TTP HARD cobalt drill bits will drill through. You will see that whether you are drilling a hardened 12.9 bolt or an exhaust manifold stud once you follow the basic drilling principles you should have the same level of success.

Customer Reviews


“They are fabulous. I still haven’t had the time to use them for their actual intended purpose – drilling out exhaust manifold studs, but I did try them on a couple of bolts to see how they did and was very impressed! Told a bunch of my friends about them. Hoping to get a joint order together. I want more sizes or one of the sets!”

R Scott Martin


“These drills perform exceptionally well. They’re far superior to anything I can buy locally. Delivery is extremely fast. I was able to finish drilling a 3/8” hole through 1-1/4” hardened bar stock. I must have gone through a dozen conventional cobalt bits before purchasing this kit. Love ‘em.”

Brian Watts


“I was very happy with my purchase of the tough drill bits, they allowed me to drill out some broken off tensile bolts form a 25 year old motorbike cylinder head, failure in this would have meant finding a new head or abandoning the project.”



“I’ve been at this a long time and I have never seen bits this good. On my test, they breezed through gr 8 bolt on the press with cut oil. When I tested with a chord drill, I found that you could break the bit if you weren’t perfectly square. On the car with the broken exhaust stud, it was fantastic, they bite like crazy. I’m going to give them as gifts to my wrenching friends.”

Robert Sacklow

B) How to drill hardened steel

You should read our 6 step guide to drilling through metal because the same rules apply to drilling harder grade alloys.

Another good guide is from family handyman tips on drilling holes in metal.

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