Drill bits for Stainless Steel

Once you have the correct drill bit and use the correct technique drilling stainless steel will be easy.

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How to drill stainless steel

First of all you should read our 6 step guide to drilling through metal which will explain the basics of drilling metals.

A split point cobalt drill bit is the best choice when using a hand drill.

The split point prevents the drill bit from ‘walking’ or sliding.

Beware of too much heat

Probably the biggest problem which can occur when drilling stainless is for it to ‘work harden’. This happens when excessive friction causes too much heat build up. The result is that the metal actually becomes harder than it was in the first place. It is crucial that you avoid this happening.

You can avoid work hardening by

    • 1. Drilling at a slow to moderate speed so as to avoid excessive friction.
    • 2. Using plenty of drilling lubricant.
    • 3. Applying moderate pressure – above all do not apply too much pressure.
    • 4. Rest periods – allow the drill bit to cool down between drilling sessions.
    • 5. If drilling a large hole then first of all start with a smaller diameter hole first and then work up gradually to desired size.

B) Customer reviews 

Read below reviews from customers who have easily drilled various stainless items using the correct drilling techniques and plenty of lubricant.


“These do the job. Out of the package their only good for about 15-20 holes, when drilling through 6.8mm, that’s using cutting lube too. After that they have to be sharpened. After re-sharpening they usually are good for an additional 10-15 holes before having to re-sharpen again. Would buy them again.”

Matthew Langley 


“Hello there….I just thought I’d drop you a line commending your products. The 6,5,4 and 3mm drill bits work a treat on my stainless steel cycle rack. Initially I ran the bits too fast and I didnt use enough pressure which resulted in poor performance, particularly on the larger drill sizes. I quickly learned that slowing the drill down and increasing drill pressure whilst ensuring enough cutting grease had been applied enhanced the drilling performance immensely. It used to frighten me when drilling stainless steel. NOT ANY MORE! Well done your company!”

Trevor Ball


“I’d been having trouble drilling stainless steel, even with the ‘best’ bits from the local hardware store. On an internet recommendation, I tried these. With a dab of cutting paste, these drills will go through stainless the way most drills cut through soft metal, and cost much less than those I was getting from the hardware store.”

Steven Eugene Raiguel


“I just used my new 4.2mm bit to drill a hole into stainless steel tube (to be used for a stair railing). The TTP bit worked beautifully. This is a terrific product at an excellent price.”



“Having used the 3mm version I knew this bit would have no problem drilling into 10mm stainless steel. It performed the task with ease. These are definitely the best drill bits I have ever used.”

Mr A. Prioleau


“Could not have done job without these bits (drilling into stainless steel) afternoon other bit would touch the job in hand also got the job done quickly and neatly.”

Mr. John Speakman

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