Metal Drill Bits

What are metal drill bits

As the name suggests metal drill bits are drill bits designed to drill through metal.

There are many types of metal drill bits including tungsten, carbide, cobalt and HSS.

Drill Bits for metal

And deciding which type of drill bit to use for drilling metal will depend on a few factors :

  • Type fo metal you are drilling
  • How often you intend to drill 
  • How much you want to spend on the drill bits
  • Type of drill you are using

The type of metal you are drilling may dictate the type of drill bit you use. 

How often you intend to drill and how much money you want to spend will be large factors in determining which type of drill bit you buy.

What are the best drill bits for drilling metal?

For the majority of individuals cobalt drill bits are the preferred option.

Cobalt drill bits 

  • Will drill through the majority of common metals
  • Can withstand higher temperatures than most othe metal drill bits
  • Can be resharpened
  • Are reasonably priced

When drilling any metal it is advised that a drilling lubricant or cutting paste should be used.  

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