Drill sets in metric sizes

Although imperial drill bit sizes are the most common in the USA there will be applications which require metric drill bit sizes.

We have two metric drill bit sets for drilling harder metals. 

19 piece set


Our 19 piece cobalt drill bit set comes in a sturdy plastic box. Sizes range from 1mm to 10mm increasing in 0.5mm intervals.


If you need to be able to drill various hard metals this is probably the best drill bit set  for you.


At 5% cobalt these bits will drill hard metals including stainless steel.


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25 piece set

Considered the best cobalt drill bit set by mechanics, locksmiths and professional installers. This set has 25 pieces ranging from 1mm up to 13mm increasing in 0.5mm intervals.

Ideal for drilling hardened steel these drill bits can be resharpened.

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Best drill bit set for metal

When used correctly our metric drill bits will drill through metal easily. It is important to use a good cutting fluid when drilling metal. You should also check a speeds and feeds chart to ensure you are drilling at the correct speed.

Drilling hardened steel

Watch this video of our metric kobalt drill bits in action. Here they easily drill through a hardened bolt. Note the slow drill speed and the use of a cutting paste.


Drill bit reviews

If you are going to invest in a cobalt drill bit set you should read testionials form existing customers.