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Dimensions 3.5 × 3.55 × 3.8 in
4.9 star review for Top HARD drill bits

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Premium Metal Drilling Lubricant

About CUT-IT Drilling Paste

You can use CUT-IT for all metals.

CUT-IT is a blend of petroleum jelly, extreme pressure additives and natural lubricants.

Because CUT-IT contains quality ‘extreme pressure additives’ it can remain effective when drilling even the hardest of metals including stainless steel.

Your benefits when using CUT-IT metal lube

  • Reduce friction and tool wear
  • Assist in rapid removal of heat
  • Lubricate cutting tool and any metal being cut
  • Works in overhead applications
  • Speed up the cutting process
Tested For Extreme Pressure Properties

CUT-IT extreme pressure properties

We requested CUT-IT to be tested by Subsea Fluid Services in order to determine the quality of its anti wear and extreme pressure additives and to ensure its suitabilty as a world class metal lubricant paste

They conducted the test in accordance with the standard ASTM D 3233-93  which  is the standard test method for measurement of extreme pressure properties of fluid liquids. Subsea Fluid Services performed the test for half an hour under 1300lbs of pressure and they concluded that CUT-IT continued to lubricate under this pressure.

You can read the report here.


Locksmith Tests CUT-IT Drilling Paste

Wayne Winton from Tri-County Locksmith Services in Colorado tested TTP CUT-IT to see just how good it was.

You can watch the video here.                  Image of testing of metal cutting paste


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